Raispaisa Enterprises Private Limited

Raw Material Aggregators

Raw materials are the core part of any industry or business. Most industrial functionalities depend on whether or not the right raw materials are provided to businesses. Therefore, it becomes important how raw material is procured and aggregated.

That is why financial institutions like RaisPaisa lend a hand in being the go-to organization for your raw material procurement. We assist contractors in procuring raw material. Assistance in the terms of procuring, logistics and financing.

This way, your company will not be held credible or responsible for dealing with the raw material vendors, and all the work will be conducted by us. RaisPaisa also has various contacts of a multitude of vendors that would be hard for you to find if you’re a small business that has just started out in the industry.

With RaisPaisa, your company’s right raw material requirements by the right vendor is done by us, and you don’t have to go through the headache of contacting too many vendors yourself. Leave the ground work to us!