Raispaisa Enterprises Private Limited

General FAQs

Yes, definitely. We provide finances to all established new companies as well. Our approval will be based on your business plans and growth potential.
After contacting us, we will schedule a sales meeting. Post the meeting, we will process all business documents required. You will get an approval confirmation within hours and thereafter, we can build a healthy business partnership!
RaisPaisa only provides secured loans to companies with growth potential, no matter the company size. Therefore, we provide loans on bank guarantee and no collateral.
The benefits of taking an MSME loan in Raipur are many. Some of them are that they help expand business, put industrial trust in the enterprise, grow credibility, increase productivity and revenue output and boost market recognition and standards.
As long as you have a bank guarantee for your company, RaisPaisa can provide you a loan on bank guarantee at any time.
RaisPaisa mainly works with road contractors, and any other clients who require financial help for raw material assistance.