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RaisPaisa is a one-stop solution fintech e-platform built to fulfill MSMEs’ financial systems with respect to raw material procurement at the best rates of credit! We are your go-to aggregators. We started as a digital e-platform for fintech solutions that could help businesses and road contractors with raw material aggregation, transportation, payments, and invoicing, mainly for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.

We provide all essential raw materials on a one-stop solution platform, such as steel, TMT, petroleum products, agricultural products, cement, and coal. There are many benefits of raw material procurement that you will receive from us, which are:



The mission of RaisPaisa is to help MSMEs and road contractors get the benefit of best raw material aggregation in order to scale their businesses with the most financially stable credit line. Our mission is to use our aggregation skills to help fund the raw material procurement of younger businesses.



Our vision is to build micro, small, and medium businesses through our e-platform of raw material financial systems. To build the entrepreneurial skill sets of young businesses, and to provide them with an extended credit line of funding.

How RMAs can help your business?

Raw material aggregators such as RaisPaisa help your business by studying the raw materials most important to your industry and procuring them at the best rates from the most local and quality vendors.

You can re-emerge as the best business in your industry by the simple act of taking help from a financial institution, and letting us find the right vendor for you. Letting us handle the invoicing will also help businesses focus on their day-to-day activities more, giving space to think more about the business.

You also have the benefit of getting bulk discounts by employing the services of RaisPaisa, as the more raw materials you buy, the more profitable and cheap it is for your business. You can get more transferable credit with us!

How RMAs can help your business?


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